Registration - January 2023
These classes are open for full time registration. You can audit any class once. You can take one trial of any class. You can take unlimited drop-ins of any class for a higher fee. All classes are on-camera and online.

Core Curriculum Block Classes

Space is limited to 15 students - Thursdays: January 5th - January 26th, 2023

**Drop-Ins allowed for higher fee**

100% of students who took our Core Curriculum for a year booked paid roles! Join us and become a success story!

During your focused Core Curriculum study, you will be given focused training to make you grow as an actor as well as succeed in the business of acting. We have moved our classes online during the pandemic and will continue this practice to best train actors as most auditions continue to be online.

Alternate Thursdays will focus on different aspects of the craft of acting:

Monologues and Voiceovers taught by Alan Safier(January 5th and January 19th)
In Alan's class, you’ll learn the essentials of discovering and developing your character, how to act with specifics rather than generalities, and how to play your objectives with strength and commitment. You’ll discover how to perform with honesty and reality, and how to make your character authentic. You’ll find out how to make each monologue believable to casting directors. The last 45–60 minutes of each class will be devoted to learning and practicing voice-over skills including:

  • Understanding and working on various types of voiceovers: announcer, real-person, dialogue, animation, comedy, narration.
  • Discovering what you need to become a successful voice actor.
  • Learning how to be creative with copy and give it your own personal interpretation.

Class requirements: Please bring to the first class a monologue or two-person scene with another student. It can be at any stage of rehearsal. Drop-in students should bring in a rehearsed monologue or scene. Voice-over copy will be provided by the instructor, and monologues and scenes can be chosen by him or you can select them yourself.

Scene Study and Business of Acting taught by Albert Bramante and Obaid Kadwani (January 12th and January 26th)

You will learn what a Talent Agent wants your scene to look like during an audition. Students can use film, tv, or theater scenes. You will work with a reader for each scene, and eventually work with a scene partner. You will learn to always play your objective, to break your scene into beats, to always be real and learn how to build your character effectively. You will be asked to incorporate last-minute changes to character and circumstances. You will learn to think on your feet and adapt when changes to your character are thrown at you.

In the Business of Acting section: You will be shown your type by Albert Bramante, the owner of Emerging Talent Agency and Obaid Kadwani, the co-director of Working Actor Studio. You will learn to own your type.
Your headshots will be reviewed to make sure that they show you as your type. You will be advised about your reel or how to make or get clips for a reel. You will also be advised about how to market yourself effectively to casting directors and producers.

*Taking this intensive does not guarantee representation with Emerging Talent Agency*

Class requirement: Please bring to the first class a monologue or two-person scene with another student. It can be at any stage of rehearsal.

Core Curriculum Block Classes:
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Alan Safier: Monologues and Voiceovers
Albert Bramante,
Obaid Kadwani: Scene Study and Business of Acting section


Thursday 7:00 - 9:30pm


$100 (4 intensive classes)
$35.00 Drop-in


Online classes

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